Why Pennee ?

Really Impressive Interest rates, As high as 42%, Super short term maturity dates, Get returns after a month. Flexible Plans. Make choices with your dreams.

When you invest money with us, we crowdfund from you and other micro investors and give it out as credits to small businesses. They trade with it and return. We give you the returns as it comes to us. We make money from a percentage of the interest paid back. We bear all losses.


Periodic remittance option, no stringent maturity periods and no minimum investments.

Good Faith

Everything we do is in honesty and transparency. We are an open book and as an investor you can find out anything you want about us. We are just a call away.


We offer the best ROI. If you find better contact us to match you.

Your Security is Guaranteed

We try our best to guarantee your investments and work with our insurance partners to guarantee your investments to a degree. however, you can look into getting further coverage for your investments.

How it works


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Get started by picking a flexible plan and committing your money to work for you.

Live Your Dreams

We got your back fully covered. You can now relax and watch your money work for you.

Monitor Conveniently

From the dashboard track your investments and do more.

Fuel your dreams, everyday, everytime.

Investing money with Pennee means your money works hard all day, everyday.


No more depleting funds

We offer really impressive rates; up to 42%, Get returns after a week.


Flexible maturity periods.

No stringent maturity periods.


Live Your Dreams

Invest your money and let your money grow with time. Tailor your Investment plan with your dreams.


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